Testimonials for the Pillow

Check out some of our testimonials below:

“I have been using my pillow for 2 months now and my neck issues which were largely due to sleeping with the wrong type of pillow have been resolved. It is well constructed and in addition very comfortable ensuring the best night's sleep. I would highly recommend it.”

Sally Courtney

“The Knightsbridge Pillow is the nearest thing to a bespoke pillow, and the ingenious design is obviously the work of a team with in depth knowledge and understanding of the anatomy and mechanics of the human neck. The superbly supportive adjustable base helps promote optimal head and neck alignment while allowing shoulder clearance in side lying, while the soft duck down topper brings softness and comfort. A great combination. This pillow is certainly one I am happy to recommend to my patients.”

Vicky Roberts-Lead Physiotherapist WP Practice ,London

“I am really impressed with this pillow and highly recommend it to all of my clients. The ability to add or remove layers allows users to make it truly comfortable and correct for them. It is generous and feels luxurious whilst at the same time being exceedingly functional and supportive.' ”

Tessa Hardwick-Lead Chiropractor WP Practice London

“I have tried using various specialist pillows over the years to help ease my neck pain. However none of them have worked and they just seem like pieces of foam that make matters worse. I recently purchased The Knightsbridge Pillow® following a recommendation from a friend and after I had found the right height to suit my sleeping position, which took about three nights, I found that I no longer suffer from the neck pain that has blighted my life. I can even feel greater flexibility in my neck and simple things like turning my head at traffic junctions have become so much easier. It is really comfortable too, my husband has ordered one and he does not even suffer from neck pains!”

Catriona Wymes

“For years I've suffered with lower back pain. It varied in the intensity from manageable to excrutiating but it was always first thing when I got up that the pain was at its worst, and gradually this would ease as I moved around. I'd had acupunture when it was bad, I'd changed mattress, I'd stopped swimming daily all in an attempt to find out the problem. It has only been since I started using the Knightsbridge Pillow that this has been eradicated. Initial scepticism has gone: both my husband and I are snoring less and sleeping more, consequently. With his broad shoulders, he uses two extra layers. I'm petite and went from no added layers to one, once I'd worked out the best height for my size. Naturally sleeping on my front, I now find it easier to sleep on my side and, for the first time ever, can also get to sleep easily on my back as they suggest. It can take a few days or up to a couple of weeks to find out the most comfortable configuration, so start low and then add on. I can't recommend this more highly!”

KJ Bunce