Endorsements for the Pillow

Check out some of our endorsements below:

“I have always encouraged patients to improvise with existing pillows rather than fork out for expensive ortho ones.Being skeptical I took up London Pillow Company's offer of a free 30 day trial. I was VERY impressed with the support it gave my hyper-mobile neck ,which resulted in a very sound nights sleep. I now stock the pillow in my clinic shop which allows me to help the patients find the correct depth for their posture and desired sleeping position. ”

Lola Philips-Bsc Osteopathy. Registered Osteopath at Health in Motion Osteopaths, PGC ed-Clinical Education

“Having looked at many varied pillows in the past I recently tried out The Knightsbridge Pillow from The London pillow Company and would have no hesitation in recommending it to my patients. The pillow is versatile, with layers to alter it to the required height. It provides good support for the neck and head and is very comfortable. ”

Jean McCluskey MCSP FMACP-Practice Head -Lathom Physiotherapy

“The knightsbridge pillow helps provide an ergonomically optimal sleeping position. It is shaped in such a way so as to support the neck and therefore maintain correct alignment of the spine whilst allowing the head to be adequately supported at the same time. The biconcave shape of the pillow means that optimal pillow alignment is always maintained as one changes position during the night. I am a chiropractor and often recommend this pillow to my patients, not only to aid their recovery but also as a preventative of future episodes. The adjustable height of neck support is unique in my experience, it makes allowances for an individual’s shape and shoulder width. One size does not fit everyone!! Often my patients tell me that they have bought many, often expensive pillows in the search for ‘the right one’ but after experiencing this one they need look no more.! I use the Knightsbridge pillow myself and have never found a more comfortable one, after trying many of the years.”

Dr Michael Gould Amersham Chiropractic Clinic

“I run a successful sports therapy clinic and have tried various pillows for myself and for other patients over the years. When i came across the london pillow company, I was immediately intrigued as this looked somehow, different to the other products i had tried. When the pillow arrived, i was immediately impressed with the packaging and presentation, and following just 2 nights trial on it, i knew that this was the product i have been looking for. I have never slept so well for years, and have since sold more to my patients, and would have no hesitation in recommending this pillow to anybody with either neck issues, or people who just want a first class product. The people are easy to deal with and the service is first class. Well done to you all!”

Dave Washington Practice Manager SportsSage Physical Rehaibilitation

“I have never used such a uniquely designed pillow that is so easily customised for each and every user. It provides a cushioned base on which to sleep that enables a neutral sleeping posture for the head, neck and shoulders giving the user a better night's sleep. I will be recommending this as a must for my patients.”

Daniel Hughes - Doctor Of Chiropractic