Frequently Asked Questions

Should I order a medium or firm pillow?

This very much depends on your own personal preference . All orthopedic pillows are firm by nature compared to down pillows in order to offer the support required to correctly align your shoulder and neck muscles. The medium version offers slightly reduced support but it is generally better for people with sensitive neck muscles and smaller builds. Our research has also indicated a preference for the medium version from the older generation and females and a preference for the firm version from males and larger builds.

Can I wash the pillow?

The main pillow does not need to be washed.

Can I wash the white duck down overlay?

The white duck down topper can be machine washed at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees centigrade. Tumble dry at medium heat. Do not bleach or iron.

How long will this pillow last?

The Knightsbridge Pillow® is guaranteed to keep a consistent shape for three years. However we would recommend that you change your pillow every five years to ensure optimum support and comfort.

If I want to use my existing pillow cases will they fit The Knightsbridge Pillow®?

The Knightsbridge Pillow® will fit a standard size pillow case (50cm x70cm). However if you have very broad shoulders and require maximum height we recommend that you use The Knightsbridge Pillow® case.

Can I order additional pillow cases from The London Pillow Company.

You can order extra pillow cases from this website at a cost of £25 including VAT and delivery.

Does it matter which way round I place the pillow on the bed?

No. Unlike other orthopaedic pillows The Knightsbridge Pillow® is the same height along both its borders so it does not matter which way round you choose to place it on the bed.

How does The Knightsbridge Pillow® height adjustment function?

The Knightsbridge Pillow® is adjustable in two ways.  1. The removable height adjusters allow for up to four different heights according to your shoulder width and sleeping position. For back sleepers we recommend that you use the pillow only without any height adjusters. For side sleepers we recommend that you start with no height adjusters and build up as necessary until you feel that your head and neck are in line with your body. The key objective is to ensure correct neck and shoulder alignment which can only be achieved using the patented Knightsbridge Pillow as a result of its variable height function. For further information see the instructions page on this website. It may take a few weeks to get used to sleeping on The Knightsbridge Pillow® if you are used to sleeping on another pillow which does not offer correct alignment  2. The unique biconcave shape of the neck support allows you to sleep on the pillow ensuring that the whole of your neck is fully supported regardless of your specific neck size. 

Is the pillow recommended for stomach sleepers as well as back and side sleepers?

We do not advise people to sleep on their stomach as this can cause neck problems regardless of which type of pillow you use. If you do sleep on your stomach you may find that The Knightsbridge Pillow® encourages you to sleep on your side or back.

Can I return the pillow to you if I am not completely satisfied? 

If you are not completely satisfied with the pillow please return it to our distribution centre: If we receive the pillow within 30 days of purchase we will refund you in full provided that the pillow is returned in good condition. The London Pillow Company, North House North Street Petworth West Sussex GU28ODD

Will I get hot sleeping on your pillow? 

The Knightsbridge Pillow® is NOT a memory foam pillow which are renowned for creating excess heat and resulting in discomfort and sweating. The Knightsbridge Pillow® is manufactured using a unique polymer compound which ensures that you will not suffer from excess heat.

I have tried using other orthopaedic pillows before and have found them to be very uncomfortable compared to a traditional down pillow. Why is The Knightsbridge Pillow® different?

The luxurious white duck down topper will give you the same familiar feel as sleeping on an ordinary traditional down pillow but with far superior comfort and support so you will benefit from the best of both worlds.