The Pro Pillow £97.50

  1. Available is two different firmness levels – medium soft and medium firm
  2. Height adjustable by half an inch for maximum support and comfort using the height adjuster (included)
  3. Two adjustable side sleeping pads to raise each end of the pillow when sleeping on your side (included)
  4. Removable central pad for added support and comfort to suit different head shapes and sizes
  5. Two different neck support widths – one each end of the pillow for different neck lengths

The Pro Pillow was designed by a global team of scientists and sleep technologists, winning the Gold Medal at The International Inventions Show in Geneva for it’s innovation and technological advances to improve sleep and well being.

The fully adjustable luxury PRO pillow combines superb levels of comfort for both back and side sleepers and is available in two different heights to suit your build and personal comfort.(3-3.5 inches for slender and medium shoulders, and 4-4.5 inches to suit medium to broad shoulders).


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